Barbados Hotels: 15 Best Hotels in Barbados from Cobbler’s Cove to Sandy Lane

Barbados might be synonymous with white sand, azure waters and everyone’s favourite Barbadian pop-star-come-beauty-mogul (~ahem~, Rihanna), but there’s more to the Caribbean’s most-famed island than palm trees and beaches. Of course, the beaches on the Platinum Coast, Dover’s Beach and Paynes Bay or the upmarket west coast will, quite simply, take your breath away – but cast your eyes inland and you’ll find majestic waterfalls, a warm and colourful culture, vibrant nightlife scene, delicious cuisine and the most friendly locals.

Barbados is home to rich wildlife, beautiful natural landscapes and great scuba diving spots. Bridgetown is great for shopping and even has its own tax-free shopping mall, and it boasts year-round sunshine with average temperatures at a toasty 30°C. It’s also home to some of the best luxury hotels, boutique hotels, beachfront beach hotels, five-star hotels and family-friendly hotels in the Caribbean. Tempted? You bet. In fact, we’re practically certain you were already pondering on the best hotels in Barbados five seconds into our glowing review. Ahead, we’ve compiled some of the very best hotels on the island so you can focus on your OOTDs.

Best hotels in Barbados at a glance:

  1. Best for first time visitors: Cobblers Cove
  2. Best for romance: The Sandpiper
  3. Best for a splash out stay: Sandy Lane
  4. Best all-inclusive: Sandals Royal Barbados

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