You Can Name A Bin Truck After Your Ex This Valentine’s Day

Now that’s a Valentine’s Day offer that’s (literally) full of rubbish: a British waste company Divert have a bunch of nameless bin trucks, and they have decided to name the vehicles after people’s exes. That’s right, not only can you now put your ex in the bin (figuratively speaking), but also name said bin truck after the ex lover free of charge.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, people can grant their least favourite person the honour of sharing a name with a garbage disposal vehicle. To be honest, we think there will be plenty of instances where people are naming after their current partners, too.

name your ex after a bin truck divert
Image: Divert

Bad break-ups happen to us all. And sometimes, you just have to do something crazy to help you let go and move on from a terrible relationship. Some people cope by throwing away their stuff, throwing darts at their picture, or maybe even signing their email up to a load of random mailing lists. But if you’re looking for the ultimate way to vent your break-up blues, then why not just name a bin truck after them for the ultimate self-love satisfaction.

Abbie from Aylesbury says: “I always wanted my ex to do something useful with his time, and in a funny way at least the new truck named after him will be doing something good for society. And to add to the joke, at least his truck won’t be leaving a mess behind everywhere it goes!”

How do I name a bin truck after my ex?

name a bin truck after your ex
Image: Divert

To make the bin truck naming happen to make up for your ex’s wrongdoings, you will need to fill out this form on Divert’s website. Once the truck has been named after your ex, you might even receive an update where you ex has been relocated to, so you can take a picture and send it to them. Or, you could just always move on and forget about them.

Company spokesman Mark Hall explains: “We have plenty of trucks in need of a good name and we thought, why not give people the chance to put their trashy ex behind them once and for all? It couldn’t be any easier to arrange either, all you have to do is click on the link, fill out the form, and hey presto you’ve whacked their name on a bin lorry.”