The Breakfast Club’s “12 Pancakes In 12 Minutes” Challenge Is Returning For Pancake Day

We definitely all know someone who loves to give it the big’un about how much they “reckon they could eat if they had to”, but have never put their money where there mouth is. Maybe that arrogant confident young buck is you.

Let me tell you: there’s no better food challenge than a stack of pancakes – and The Breakfast Club are bringing back their famous 12 Pancakes In 12 Minutes challenge to put those boasters to the test.

Their legendary test is returning on Pancake Day (February 21), and there’s really no way to pace yourselves – each challenger must gobble down a pancake per-minute a dozen times. If you leave an empty plate, the stacks are on The Breakfast Club.

Mega stack of pancakes at The Breakfast Club
Mmmm. Mega stack of pancakes at The Breakfast Club… *drools*

Obviously we can’t all put away scran like the Man vs Food guy or 6:30am-era Thomas Skinner at Dino’s caf, so there’s bound to be some who struggle out there. Despite 1) losing and 2) suffering through a monstrous food coma, your efforts won’t be forgotten.

The £20 you cough up for not completing the challenge will go towards the The Breakfast Club’s Good Day Get-Together charity, and every challenger has the chance to win one of five golden tickets. Wait, we didn’t mention the Willy Wonka aspect to proceedings?

The Willy Wonka-themed pancake extravaganza at The Breakfast Club

Yes, any and every challenger that takes on the 12 Pancakes In 12 Minutes test will be treated to a Willy Wonka bar. Now, after taking on a stack of pancakes, that might be saved until later, but don’t forget about it: there’s five golden tickets up for grabs. Find one? You’ve just sorted yourself free food at The Breakfast Club for an entire year.

Image: The Breakfast Club

Oh, and the Willy Wonka fun doesn’t stop there. Two special pancake dishes are on the menu at The Breakfast Club between February 16 – 28; giving you ample time to try both if you can’t make it down on Pancake Day.

On the menu is the Violet Cheesecake Beauregarde, which obviously pays homage to the chewing gum champion in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Expect their classic fluffy pancakes with a blueberry compote, creamy vanilla cheesecake filling and a sweet portion of cloudy candy floss.

Image: The Breakfast Club

Or, you could tuck into a plate of the Cherry Chocolate Scrumdidilyumptious; pancakes served up with sour cherry compote, a chocolate bomb and a hot chocolate ganache.

Anyone with a sweet tooth can’t exactly go wrong with either. Except maybe after taking on the 12 pancake challenge beforehand.

Both Willy Wonka-themed pancakes can be found at The Breakfast Club between February 16 – 28. The 12 Pancakes In 12 Minutes challenge takes place on Pancake Day (February 21). Find your nearest The Breakfast Club caf location here.