The Waterloo Station Toilets Are Getting A Gender-Neutral Overhaul

Ever hopped off the train at Waterloo and been torn between whether you can hold your bladder for another ten or fifteen minutes, or brave the subterranean loos? Well, the choice is about to become moot, as the Waterloo Station toilets are set for a complete overhaul – making your Water-loo-going experience a far more pleasant one.

It’s no secret that Waterloo’s toilets are a bit scuzzy. With the sheer number of passengers making their way to, from, and through the station, it’s bound to have seen better days. But a new project aimed at improving the passenger experience at Waterloo has set its aims squarely on the WCs. The toilets will be given a full refresh, with all-new facilities and an aim for balancing the number of female and male facilities. These will also be augmented with the installation of new gender-neutral facilities.

Additionally, the revamp will see extra baby-changing areas installed in the toilets. There will also be a focus on improved accessibility for those with reduced mobility. This will also mean improved access for the elderly and those with pushchairs. A welcome bit of news for everyone involved, no doubt!

a shot from the upstairs floor at Waterloo station, with plenty of people milling about
Credit: Network Rail

Construction on the new and improved Waterloo Station toilets is set to begin in mid-February (so any day now!). And the works are expected to be completed by the summer. We assume they’ll be working on them in stages, and not just closing them all and leaving everyone caught short!

The program to improve the enjoyment of travellers transiting through Waterloo will not be stopping at the toilets alone. There are also plans to replace the roof above the main concourse, and to improve the information systems around Waterloo. And, of course, there will also be plenty of new shops, restaurants, and venues making their way to Waterloo Station.