Kendall Jenner responds to claims of Photoshopping on her recent bikini pic

Kendall Jenner‘s BFF Hailey Bieber has come to her rescue amid claims that the former Photoshopped one of her most recent bikini snaps.

The whole debacle began when the 27-year-old The Kardashians reality star and supermodel posted a carousel of images on her Instagram account, @kendalljenner, from a beach location earlier this week – including an (admittedly, smoking) thong bikini clad shot of herself crouching, Gollum from Lord of the Rings style, in front of a mountain range.

But the comments section below Kendall Jenner’s post soon filled up with sceptical-sounding followers, including jibes like “why the long hand?”, “Why? what is wrong with your fingers?” and a whole lot of alien emojis. We have to admit, her hand and fingers do look a little out-of-this-world lengthy in that snap… Others are straight out commenting “Photoshop” or accusing her of editing the shot.

Now, it’s not like this would be the first time Kendall (or any of the Kardashian clan) have edited their photographs. Kendall has been known to delete Instagram photos in the past, after being accused of so-called “Photoshop fails”. And her sisters Khloe, Kim et. al have been accused of the same time and time again…

But could it be that this strange-looking shot is for real? Apparently, yes, if a defence from Hailey Bieber, a longtime friend of Kendall’s, is to be believed. On her Instagram Story, Hailey addressed the strangeness of the image of Kendall: “We’re sitting here analysing…look how bizarre her [Kendall’s] hand looks normally, she said to the camera”. 

Kendall then posed for a casual photograph where she’s bending her hand in the same way se did in the Instagram post, captioned “been had long ass hands x fingers” [sic] (Page Six has since shared a screenshot, for reference).

So, does the tall, 5’9 star just have XXL long hands and fingers – or has some Photoshopping been taking place? The jury’s out!