21 Best Eyebrow Pencils 2023 Has To Offer

Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but nothing has quite as much face-framing potential as brows. And there’s no arguing that eyebrow pencils are the crème de la crème of brow-framing products. They’ve been around longer than we can remember, which means that the formula’s been through its fair share of improvements and innovations. They’re no longer associated with a chalky consistency and patchy application. Instead, we’re presented with formulation that glide on smoothly, blend beautifully and last far longer than you’d expect.

In the age of the power brow (owing to, Dua Lipa, Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and co), big, brushed-up brows have never been – well – bigger. “A great shape opens up the eyes, gives proportion to your cheekbones, lips and nose and brings modernity to the face,” says Meghan Markle’s favoured brow expert, Sherrille Riley, founder of Nails & Brows, Mayfair. “It adds that last bit of polish to your makeup, too.”

However it’s important to find exactly what works best for you. “The biggest brow myth I’d like to bust is that one brow fits all. I believe every eyebrow should be personalised according to your bone structure and natural eyebrow shape.” says The Hollywood’s favourite brow boss, Anastasia Soare.

Permanent and semi-permanent techniques have been finessed – powder brows, mist brows and ombre brows, feathered brows have gained momentum. And, a multitude of perfectors – gels, powders, waxes, pomades and more are reviewed, re-formulated and released every day.

And yet, the humble brow pencil remains one of the quickest and most effective ways to add oomph to arches, give sparse patches the attention they need and coax stragglers into shape. Provided you have your technique down, of course. The key is to draw in short, hair-like strokes (rather than shading in one block of colour) and flick the pencil upwards, rather than scribbling in horizontal motions.

Here is a breakdown of Sherrille’s best tips for glamming brows from home:

  • When filling in your brows, always follow your natural brow structure.
  • Use a sharp eyebrow pencil and lightly add strokes to emulate individual hairs and follow the natural direction of your eyebrow hairs.
  • Whether you’re filling in your brows with a pencil, pomade or powder, always spend time brushing the product through your brows for even distribution and a softer, more natural look.
  • It’s a simple tip but use pencil inside the brows not outside. Helps keep brows natural looking and avoids harsh lines.