20 Random Acts Of Kindness Experienced By Londoners

Sometimes, a little unexpected moment that comes out of the blue is just enough to turn a bad day around. Random Acts Of Kindness Day (February 17) champions those very moments, and to celebrate, we thought we would ask you for some of yours.

We took to our Facebook page to ask our dear followers about the random acts of kindness they’d experienced in London, and the answers are just about as wholesome as you’d expect. Well, apart from the sarcastic ones (that we were probably all thinking – it’s London, after all! – anyway).

London might not be the most friendly of places, but there’s no getting away from the fact that random acts of kindness can be found all around, so here are some you told us about.

Best things about 2021

Let’s get those (brilliantly) sarcastic ones straight out there, shall we?

1. “Back in the summer of 2012 I actually witnessed people smiling and acknowledging others. How amazing was that??”

What! Where?

London does get a bad rep for people not being the friendliest– head down, airpods in–but hopefully this article will show that this is not always the case.

2. “Someone showed me how to get to Heathrow airport to get out of London.”

Slanderous! Well, to be fair: I love London as much as the next guy, but we do all sometimes need a break from the place.

Heathrow Airport 1
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3. “In London?”

We probably (definitely) all thought this at first.

We have quite the tale to kick off the proper list: it’s London, so of course the West End is involved

One of the stage doors outside one of London's famous theatres
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4. “Many many many moons ago (ok, we’re talking four decades) I was in London during the first year of Cats. There was not a ticket to be had but I decided to go to the theatre anyway just in case a miracle happened. No tickets, not even standing room. I was super young and felt oh so sorry for myself and was having a little cry watching all those lucky people going in.

“A limo pulled up and this very elegant man got out and on his way in, he noticed me. He stopped and ask me if I was ok. I explained my story and he said well, I have an extra ticket. He was a perfect gentleman…even offered me a ride back to my hotel which I declined as I needed to walk and think about what I’d just seen. I’ve never forgotten his kindness and I am pleased to say that I was able to ‘pay it forward’ a couple of decades later. I love London. ❤️”

Looks like that miracle actually happened.

Lots of these are related the Tube and trains…and we’re here for it

5. “Many but I can remember once being in Highbury & Islington station, no elevator with a double stroller and my 2 and 4 year’s old. A Lady told her daughter to hold the hand of my son so she and I could go with the stroller… but every time I was alone in a station there was someone there to help me out 💓. One of the things that I loved and miss the most about London”.

Tube stations can be tough to navigate, even when it’s not rush hour, so this random act of kindness is certainly a heartwarming one.

6. “In June 2022, my son fainted on the train to the airport on the last day of our family holiday. The train was packed but a whole row of sitting commuters jumped into helped us. Giving him their sits, fanning him for the heat and someone even gave him their water. I am about half the size of my son so their help was much appreciated. Will never forget. So Lovely ❤💙”

Image: JuliusKielaitis, Shutterstock.

7. “When I tripped up a set of stairs and fell flat on my unprotected face, coming out of the tube station at rush hour, and two guys literally picked me up without breaking their stride and got me safely to the top, then ensured I was ok and able to get to my place of work by myself before going on their way”.

8. “At the Piccadilly station a woman held on to my hand and helped me hop on a train when everyone was pushing me.”

Not so nice – but sadly not surprising to anyone who’s experienced peak rush hour – to hear about the pushing, but this random act of kindness from one person certainly left an impression.

9. “When my son was in a buggy, the wheels got stuck between the train & platform, a load of ppl came out of nowhere & pushed the train off so I could get the buggy out. Then someone carried him all the way up the steps in Victoria for me 🥰”.

10. “People offering to help me carry my luggage when off to the airport or coming back from an airport🧳”

But don’t forget about the kindness of Cabbies either…

a black cab and a bus on regent street
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11. “When taking our son to Great Ormond Street for numerous surgeries and appointments we would often get a cab from Liverpool Street as he would be feeling unwell. On about 3 or 4 occasions the drivers would waive the fare when we got there and just say to us to put something in the GOSH charity box instead of paying the fare. Absolute legends with kind kind hearts.”

You’ll hear these stories from time-to-time about London cab drivers not charging for trips to Great Ormond Street hospital, and each time it’ll warm your heart.

Or the bus drivers…

buses on a London street, right outside Big Ben
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12. “I was a bit late to catch my bus to go to work. I saw it at 50 meters so I’ve started to run. Unfortunately the bus passed next to me and I was really pissed. It was freezing cold! And couple of seconds later the bus came back, the driver opened the door and told me with a huge smile « never give up » and let me in. He made my day and I wasn’t late to give my classes. Cheers to you mate.”

We must all have a tale of a London bus driver waiting for us when we need to get that bus. Legends, I tell you!

What’s more London than a red phonebox? They’re involved in acts of kindness too!

13. “I left my purse in a phone box in central London. Didn’t realise til much later. Kind lady called my bank and I was able to collect it. Still grateful.”

🎵 Who you gonna call? The bank, as a random act of kindness 👻

And plenty of London businesses are known for their random acts of kindness

14.“I got a really nice cup of coffee for free from I think it’s called Black Sheep Coffee, after I told them how I’d been on a train for 6 hours, when it broke down. They were lovely.”

Only one thing better than coffee… free coffee.

15. “At one time, the store let me use the stuff first and then come back if it works well. I appreciate the kindness and the trust.”

Here’s some more random acts of kindness in London, just because

16.“Someone once held the door open for me.”

It’s small, sure, but not having a door shut in your face is definitely always nice.

17. “Just this morning, I saw a well used notepad on the ground next to a van. I told the guy unloading the van about it and he was very grateful.”

Some lovely notes to end on – keep those random acts of kindess coming, London

Outdoor activities in London

18. “I can’t recall one in particular, but the people there are just generally kind, friendly, and helpful! One of the reasons I keep going back!”

19. “Too many to mention.”

20. “There’s lots of very kind people in London.”


Keep telling us about any random acts of kindness that have happened to you in London 💖