Vush Vibrators, Tried & Tested

With self-love at the core of everything that they do, VUSH is the sexual wellness brand that you need to get to know. Whether you’re a vibrator newbie or fully fledged expert, VUSH is here to cater to all your needs. Helping you to love yourself, VUSH is all about intimate care being inclusive, empowering, and most importantly, fun. 

To find out what all the hype is about, we asked BEAUTY BAY staff to try out and review VUSH vibrators, so that you can add to your haul and know that you’re in for a treat. Keep reading to find out their thoughts…

“THE G-SPOT IS NOT A MYTH! Why did it take me years into adulthood to discover my g-spot? Probably because we get taught about literally useless topics in school and learn zero about female pleasure. VUSH’s Myth vibrator is here to help you explore what your Sex Ed teacher never told you about. The top of the vibrator has a waved pattern to increase sensation and is specifically designed to help discover the g-spot. This vibrator is super easy to use internally and externally with simple but powerful settings. I tried the Myth internally and externally and it is a great all-rounder. The wand itself is flexible so can fit to your unique shape and is easy to move around until you find the right area. The Myth is totally different to any other vibrator I’ve used before – it’s will be a welcome addition to your collection.” – Alex, Trend Forecasting & Campaign Planning

VUSH X Nelly Rabbit Vibrator

“Having never used a rabbit vibrator before, I was excited but also a little nervous about how it would work and whether it would suit me. 

This collab with Nelly is all about loving yourself and with self-care and body positivity being a focus of mine over the last few months, this seemed like the perfect vibrator for someone looking to find themselves like me. I was also a sucker for the packaging!!!

With 40 different pleasure combinations it’s great to explore with, making it ideal for rabbit vibrator newbies. The two-prong design provides dual pleasure, stimulating both internally and externally. It’s even waterproof which is a bonus.

You can tell this has really been thought through by both Nelly London and VUSH, understanding that people’s pleasures vary and have created a vibrator that’s suited to help with everyone’s individual needs.

An amazing first experience with a rabbit vibrator and definitely something I’ll be adding to my self-care sessions from now on. Wow, just wow!” – Catherine, Content Assistant

“When I first received my VUSH vibrator, the first thing I noticed and could not get over is how cute the packaging is! It’s like the top tier of sex toys, I’m completely here for it. It even comes with a cute little satin bag for you to keep it in. The vibrator itself, Myth, is a gorgeous baby pink with a rose gold trim and textured head. It also has three simple (not intimidating at all) buttons, I was very keen to find out what these were for! 

I’ve heard a lot about Myth, especially from Queen Cardi B herself, so I was very excited to try this. Myth has 5 levels of strength in vibrations and to be honest, I didn’t actually make it past the first two. This vibrator is worth the hype! Not to mention the choice in vibration patterns it gives you… Once you have this sussed and find your rhythm you won’t use any other vibrator, trust me! 

Oh and it’s cruelty-free & vegan so what’s not to love! Guilt-free orgasms all round! It’s a yes from me!” – Alex, Senior Videographer

VUSH X Nelly Rabbit Vibrator

“Amazing! I am reviewing the actual product sand it’s AMAZING! great packaging, great influencer (Nelly), and a WONDERFUL product!!! LOVE IT.” – C

“I would definitely recommend Myth if you’re looking for something really lightweight and very quiet but with a really strong vibration. I love the charger as well, it’s magnetic and the charge lasts ages! Great for external and internal use with multiple different settings! The packaging is really premium too so great for gifting!” – Laura, Digital Merchandiser

VUSH X Nelly Rabbit Vibrator

“Very well made. This feels & looks really high end, very nice product” – Hannah G.

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