This Random Acts Of Kindness Day Treat Someone To An Experience They Won’t Forget

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day and whilst it might seem like just another day that’s been flung into the calendar but it’s actually been around since 1995. The day is exactly what it says on the tin – a day that encourages people to do something that will brighten up someone else’s day. It could be as small as smiling at someone on the tube, paying for the person behind you’s coffee, or even giving somebody a compliment. If you wanted to go bigger, rather than products, we’ve got a list of experiences that you could gift that are sure to put a smile on someone’s face.


First up is the incredible Avora. It’s an immersive experience that puts cocktails (or mocktails if you prefer) at the centre of the experience. You are thrust into a fully realised extraterrestrial world alongside a cast of amazing actors and tasked with exploring Avora and gathering a set of ingredients. These ingredients will be used to make your drinks for the night. But all is not as it initially seems. There’s something going on and the fate of the planet will soon rest in your hands. Will you save Avora or exploit it for your own benefit?

Cinema Tickets

two girls laughing in a cinema, one with popcorn

When is the cinema ever a bad choice? The answer is – it pretty much never is a bad choice. It’s even less of a bad choice when the tickets won’t be full price. Which is exactly why these Odeon & Vue cinema tickets are the perfect gift for anyone, even if you’re on a budget. The tickets can be used for any film at pretty much anytime, so why not brighten someone’s day with the gift of film?

Theatre Tickets

Much like the cinema, theatre tickets are equally a good choice when it comes to gifting an experience as you can really tailor it to whoever you have in mind. Whether it’s for a Disney icon like The Lion King or a more recent fan favourite like The Book of Mormon, you’re sure to find the perfect show to treat someone to here. If you need more theatre inspo, here’s our list of shows you won’t want to miss in 2023.

Candlelight Tickets

A stage in Madrid covered in candles with a classical performance taking place among the candlelight.

Music lovers are hard ones to arrange gifts for in the age of streaming. Whilst vinyl is making a comeback, there’s still not much better to gift them than concert tickets. A Candlelight concert takes this up a notch as it’s an ode to either a musical icon such as ABBA or celebrating a theme such as 100 years of Warner Bros. Performances are handled by talented musicians and on occasion even come with a ballet show. Better yet these performances take place in gorgeous venues across London bathed in the ambience of candlelight.

Food experiences

a person pulling apart arancini at sicilyfest

“Food glorious food, eat right through the menu”. There’s no better way to put it when it comes to these experiences. Whether it’s a food tour, a Sicilian food festival, or a dog afternoon tea (yes it’s a real thing) treat someone to a day of feasting. People are always going to appreciate great food, after all, good food is fuel for the soul.

Cooking Classes

The last ones were all about eating but an even greater gift could be a cooking class. I mean think about it, you’re either letting a great cook enjoy their passion and potentially picking up some new tips or you’re helping someone who isn’t the best chef polish up on their skills. What better random act of kindness is there than teaching someone a life skill? Especially when the life skill could be doughnut making, mead brewing, or how to make authentic Italian food.

Comedy Show On the Thames

a man laughing in a crowd at Big Penny Social

Last but not least, why not share the gift of laughter? You don’t have to do the joke telling though. Instead, leave that to the professionals and sit back and enjoy a night that’s sure to be a barrel of laughs. You’ll get the chance to big names as well as rising stars and at The Tattershall Castle you’ll get to enjoy it all right on the Thames.

Whilst today is Random Acts of Kindness Day that doesn’t mean you can’t still gift these experiences any other time. In fact, if anything today is just a reminder that a simple random act of kindness is something we could do all the time and its impact would be greatly appreciated. So yes use this list as a starting point for some gifts, but also remember doing the little things is just as important.