This Handy New Sleeper Train Route Will Take You From London To Berlin

We’re well into 2023 now—hell, we’re even getting some post-5pm sunlight—so, although we’re still probably yawning away at our desks on a daily, it might be time to think about what’s to come in the latter parts of the year. Namely, what’s the next adventure?

For train lovers, there’s a new route opening up in 2023 which is certain to provide just that, in the form of a new sleeper route between London and Berlin. And, you’re now able to purchase tickets to that very service: The European Sleeper.

Lasting just 16 hours and with only one stop in between, this development is a godsend for those looking to catch more views out of train windows across Europe, or decrease their air miles in the new year.

Our route was handily been mapped out for us by The Man In Seat 61 back in January, who said that from May 25, you can jump on the Eurostar to Brussels at 3:04pm, before hopping over to the European Sleeper Service to Berlin at 7:22pm. You’ll glide into the German capital at 6:48am – primed for a day of exploring after your cosy snooze and (free) breakfast.

Now, tickets are on sale for that very service, so you can book your Eurostar train and then be primed to jump on a European Sleeper service straight to Berlin. If you’ve done the clubs, galleries and cafés of Berlin already recently then you’ll be happy to know that the service is also linked to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, so there’s endless holidaying opportunities opened up by train.

This sleeper service will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays later this year, with bookings available from February 20. Returns to London can be obtained on Sundays to arrive back to the big smoke in the mid-morning on Monday.

A normal seat on the sleeper from will start at €49, but you want a comfier night sleep you can opt for a seat that turns into a bed from €79, or a sleeper compartment from €109.

The route heads through Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam before arriving at Berlin in the early hours. Plus, there’s plans to extend the line beyond the German capital to go through Dresden and into Prague in 2024, and European Sleeper are also planning a route between Amsterdam and Barcelona to open up in 2025. Flying? We don’t know what that is – ’tis train season now.

Tickets are on sale for the service (which gets going on May 25) here now! You’ll need to purchase a separate Eurostar ticket between London and Brussels.