A Self-Serving Ramen Store Has Popped Up To Serve Free Ramen This Week

Sure, part of going out to eat involves not actually having to prepare anything yourself. But, dammit! The novelty of self-service will never wear thin. Never.

Like yourself a bowl of ramen and agree with the above? We might have a glimpse into the future: a self-serving ramen bar. With the concept originally seeing success at a staffless restaurant in Seoul, it was only a matter of time before it made its way over to London, given that we’re a city filled with people craving ramen most (all) of the time.

EZ 24 Ramen have arrived; first as a pop-up in London, but soon to be a full-on restaurant in Oxford with self-serving ramen stations. It’s the first of its kind in the UK, with machines imported from South Korea to do all the free self-serving ramen.

Where do I find free self-serving ramen this week?

Credit: @ez24ramen

The pop-up is your main port-of-call for–yes, you read it right–FREE self-serving ramen machines. You’ll find the EZ 24 Ramen pop-up in Shoreditch throughout this week (until February 28).

Once you’ve turned up, the concept is a breeze. You pick up your bowl, and place it in a nifty little machine that will do the work for you. Add your instant noodles, toppings including spam, cheese, fishcakes, and eggs, before pushing the button and letting the rhythm (hot water) flow, baby!

Credit: @ez24ramen, Instagram

Let it bubble away for around three minutes in the pot and you’ll have a bowl of hot ramen in front of you before you can say where shall I eat later. Just pop in at any time of the day and fill up your bowls and stomach, before heading back out in a flash.

Or, stick around if you’re not in a rush. There’s lovely booths to sit and enjoy your meals with a friend and maybe you’ll even want seconds.

Find out more about EZ 24 Ramen and their mission here. You’ll find the pop-up giving out free ramen until February 28 at 163 City Road, ECV INR.