London Street To Be Renamed ‘Kyiv Road’ To Mark One Year Since Ukraine Invasion

Today (February 24) marks one year since the harrowing Russian invasion of Ukraine and to mark this, part of a London street is being renamed Kyiv Road.

This was confirmed by Westminster City Council, and “honours struggle of embattled nation”. The address is set to cover a portion of Bayswater Road, which is a short distance from the Russian Embassy in London.

Image: Westminster City Council

At 11am this morning, the UK will also hold a minute’s silence to mark one year since the invasion, which was confirmed earlier today by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Councillor Adam Hung, who is the leader of Westminster City Council, was behind the change of street name, and believed the gesture was fitting to recognise the bravery of the nation of Ukraine. He previously pledged to rename a Westminster Street honouring Ukraine in May 2022.

Image: Shutterstock

He said: “The request for a new placename has come from the Ukrainian community itself. Westminster is home to Ukrainians displaced by the war, and our residents have opened their hearts and their doors to those fleeing Putin’s war machine.

“As the centre of an international capital, it seemed to us entirely fitting that part of our City should carry a torch for the unbowed defenders of Ukraine. It’s a small stretch of road, but we want to show the people of Ukraine that their struggle has a visible place in our City.

“Placenames across London have changed over the decades to mark momentous points or figures in history, so Kyiv Road is part of that long tradition.”

‘Kyiv Road’ is being installed today on the part of Bayswater Road that runs between Palace Court and Ossington Street.

Speaking on its installation, Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK said: “Kyiv Road is a symbol of solidarity with the Ukrainian people and a tribute to their unwavering spirit in the face of aggression. It is a reminder that the struggle of Ukraine has the attention of the international community.

“We are grateful to the Westminster City Council and its residents for their support in honouring our nation’s capital and its brave defenders.”