Hair Accessories Ruled At The SAG Awards With Ribbon-Wrapped Ponytails And Gemstone Scrunchies

LauraPolko / Instagram

LauraPolko / Instagram

But this is just the start of the return of the hair accessory. In our 2023 beauty trend predictions, celebrity hair stylist, Alicia Dotson told GLAMOUR, “I think we will be seeing lots of accessories, think chunky headbands and claw-clip hairstyles.” And Brenda Lee Intignano, trend expert at Cliphair, agrees. “As seen on fashionistas like Gigi Hadid, and Keke Palmer, the secret to the preppy look a la Blair Waldorf is accessories. Hair bows tying up softly curled ponytails, ribbon headbands paired with long, sleek hair hanging down, and pearl-encrusted hair clips placed perfectly yet effortlessly on the side are just a few of the perfect ways to easily prep up a day-to-day look,” she said.

And alongside looking pretty, hair accessories are practical. “If your hair is a bit greasy or if you need to switch up a look from day to night, pull it back and add an accessory,” Babyliss ambassador, Syd Hayes, told us. “It is so easy and looks seriously chic.” 

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