Padella Is Serving Up Stupidly Cheap Negronis At Their £2 Negroni Nights

The negroni has absolutely dominated cocktail discussion on the internet and in bars around the world ever since “House of the Dragon” star Emma D’Arcy said it was their ‘drink of choice’. In the form of a sbagliato that is – with prosecco in it. And for good reason: the negroni is so simple, so delicious, and so boozy. And it works absolutely divinely when sipped alongside Italian food (or before, or after, or all three!). And what if that little partnership was made cheaper? Who wouldn’t love a cheap negroni with a plate of pasta?

London pasta institution, Padella, clearly understands all this, as they’ve unveiled an absolutely unmissable negroni deal. Their £2 Negroni Nights find the house Padella Negronis offered up at the price of, you guessed it, just £2 with each plate of pasta. With the cocktail typically costing £7, that’s enough of a savings to warrant ordering another plate of pasta. And another £2 negroni…

Get your hands on a super cheap negroni

It couldn’t be easier to grab a Padella Negroni for just £2. All you need to do is head down to Padella Shoreditch, any day between Monday and Friday, from 5-6:30PM. There, each plate of pasta ordered allows you to also order the Padella Negroni – and pay just £2 for it! The £2 Negroni Nights launch on March 6, just in time for us to start thinking about Spring-time drinking and dining. Just imagine: chowing down on a few plates of pasta, knocking back a few negronis, and the sun shining in through the windows.

Not familiar with the Padella Negroni? Padella’s house negroni riff doesn’t depart much from the classic blend of sweet vermouth, Campari, and gin. They simply swap out the sweet vermouth for a blend of three different vermouths, which adds just a touch of extra sweetness. Could this be the negroni to unite negroni-lovers and those afraid of the bitterness? Well, why not grab your friends and find out?

When will the deal end?

With every deal like this, there comes a sad day when it ends. Except for this one! When the £2 Negroni Nights kick off, they have no plans to terminate the promotion. That’s right, £2 Negroni Nights at Padella Shoreditch will be continuing into the foreseeable future. So, who’s coming with me for some delicious food and ice-cold negronis?

Because what’s better than Pici? Pici with a £2 Negroni.

Head to Padella Shoreditch at 1 Phipp Street, EC2A 4PS, between 5-6:30PM, Monday to Friday, to take advantage of the cheap negroni deal. The Negroni Nights will start March 6.