Indulge In The Best Work’s Of Hans Zimmer At This Candlelight Concert In London

Hans Zimmer is a name that needs no introduction for even the most casual fan of cinema. This upcoming season, you have several chances to experience the works that have garnered him such a reputation in a way you never have before at Central Hall Westminster.

Zimmer has been moulding our musical experiences through film and tv since as far back as the 1980s. He has had his hand in almost all realms of music, providing his musical wizardry on the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Crown. This spring, his influential works will be reimagined at one of London’s most distinctive venues. 

Behind a close-up of candles a string quartet is performing on a stage covered in candles and the audience can be faintly seen.
Candlelight at Central Hall Westminster

With his music building tension and shaping the spectacle on the big screen, you’ll be transported straight into the worlds of some of your favourite movies. Surrounded by Central Hall’s beautiful architecture, immerse yourself in the drama and emotion embedded in Zimmer’s works. 

If you are even a slight film fan, you won’t want to miss this. You will be getting the most recognisable music from some of the biggest films in the world. Pieces from Gladiator, Inception, Interstellar, and more are all going to be performed by Arva Quartet. This awe-inspiring music in a setting like no other is the perfect way to cap off your evening.

And if you are a real movie fanatic, you can catch a Candlelight concert celebrating sci-fi and fantasy soundtracks at Porchester Hall. From Lord of the Rings to Stranger Things, and a lot more in between, the music included on the setlist is rich in imagination and futuristic notes.

A close-up of candles with more at a height in the background.

Be prepared for movie magic coming to life at this sensational Candlelight concert. It’s not unsurprising to hear orchestral arrangements in Hans Zimmer’s works; however, it is a real treat to experience them at a venue as impressive as Central Hall. Is this an experience you could really turn down?

The concerts have been met by countless 5-star reviews, and guests have called it “a creative, enchanting, and new concert experience.”

Candlelight: Hans Zimmer’s Best Works at Central Hall Westminster

From £22.00

From £20.00