Sephora Has Confirmed The Opening Date Of Their First UK Store Since 2005

That’s right, Sephora is finally back in the UK. And it’s even more good news for Secret London beauty obsessives, because the brand’s first UK location since 2005 will be in our very own city! It’s been a long and difficult seventeen years since the beauty retailer left our shores. Sure, we’ve been able to dip our toes into their polish-hued waters thanks to various online options. But sometimes nothing beats in-person shopping. And Londoners are finally getting their chance to do that once again as they browse through Sephora’s offering of eponymous products, Sephora-exclusives, and other high street and premium brands.

Following years of speculation, Sephora confirmed to Women’s Wear Daily that they would be landing in the capital. And rumours of a Westfield site, that have ebbed and swelled in years past, proved to be spot on. The French brand will open their new UK site on March 7 (that’s tomorrow!) at London Westfield shopping centre.

The West London shopping institution will host the store’s iconic black and white imagery, and we’re promised jaw-dropping, world first design inside. What’s more, the first 300 visitors to the store on their March 7 opening day will get a limited edition goodie bag!

the signage on the outside wall of London Westfield, reading 'Westfield' in red letters
Credit: Shutterstock – Photo by Alla Tsyganova

Inside the new Sephora store

Details are tight, and we haven’t got any pictures (yet!), but we have some ideas of what to expect. There’s talk of double-height ceilings giving the 600 square metre store some incredible visual flair, with ambient lighting (naturally) and thoughtful touches throughout. Expect plenty of beauty services in the store too, with a Benefit brow bar on the way.

It’s set to be an absolute haven for make-up browsing, foundation matching, palette swatching, perfume sniffing, and generally making a mental list of all the things you want to buy.

Sephora signage with curved decoration
Credit: Shutterstock – Photo by monticello

Said Sarah Boyd, the managing director of Sephora UK, in talks with WWD:

“Westfield London is the perfect environment where you’ve got the mix between mass market and luxury, you can imagine going and spending a whole day there. It really felt like the right place to start.”

There’s no longer any need to stare enviously across the water at Sephora flourishing in the United States. If we predict anything, it’s that Sephora will be more than happy with their new home in London. I for one will definitely be stopping by as soon s it opens to grab face masks a-plenty, pick out my next nail colour, and try all the moisturisers.

Sephora’s new UK store will open March 7 at Westfield London – 1081 Ariel Way, White City, W12 7GF.