We Tracked Down Our Favourite Locations From ‘You’s London-Based Fourth Season

Netflix’s ‘You’ has kept us captivated over three seasons as we’ve followed Penn Badgley’s character across the United States on a murderous, obsessive, spree. So when we found out that season four would be set in London, you can bet we sat up and took notice! And when it finally hit our screens (or at least half of it did) we were sat on the edge of our couch with glee as we recognised a whole host of the ‘You’ filming locations around London. They made sure to make use of many of London’s most scenic locations!

Now, the journeys Joe took didn’t always make sense… And those familiar with London were left frankly a bit baffled by the travel he took. Twitter was quick to point out the issues with some of his journeys – and even Netflix’s UK social media accounts partook in some light jesting.

But all of this doesn’t mean that he didn’t visit some fantastic places! They picked some gorgeously picturesque locations to film, showing the breadth of gorgeous places that London has to offer. So, to accompany Season Four – Part Two dropping on Netflix, here are a few of our favourite ‘You’ filming locations:

Royal Holloway, University of London (Darcy College)

We’re starting off with one of the detractors in the group. Despite the name, Royal Holloway isn’t actually in London. At least, the main campus that appears in ‘You’ as Darcy College isn’t. (Trust me, I know – I did my BA there!) Instead Royal Holloway’s Founders Building is quite a ways west of London, in Egham, Surrey.

It’s also the source of a majority of the ridicule that the show has received when Joe mentions being able to walk from his flat in South Kensington to the university. A highly implausible scenario…

royal holloway as seen in a still from the netflix show You
Credit: Netflix

But, here’s the thing – it is gorgeous. The Founders building has in fact also been featured in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultronand even ‘Downton Abbey. The nearby Englefield Green, meanwhile, has been the filming location for productions ranging from Harry Potter to ‘Into the Woods.’ There’s loads of sights to see in the area for film buffs.

Black Park Country Park & Knebworth House (Hampsie House)

Knebworth House lit up red in an evening shot
Credit: Knebworth House

I know, I know, another non-London location, but I figured I’d get them both out of the way up front! Plus, they can hardly be ignored since they’re so beautiful.

Hampsie Woods and Hampsie House were filmed in quite different locations. Knebworth House itself stood in for the grand manor house. But when Joe goes hunting (and is in turn hunted) ‘You’ chose to film the action in Black Park Country Park. I wonder how many screams had to be edited out from adrenaline-seekers at the nearby Go Ape adventure park?

Lincoln’s Inn (Darcy College Library)

a still from you showing one of the you filming locations, the interior of lincoln's inn library
Credit: Netflix

While much of Darcy College is filmed at the afore-mentioned Royal Holloway, the library scenes actually found ‘You’ making use of the Lincoln’s Inn Library as one of their filming locations. You’re unlikely to find literature students here, however, as it’s actually a library full of law books for a society of barristers. If you fancy a peek inside they do offer tours, but you’ll have to get special permission to study there if you’re not a barrister or pupil.

Regent Street

someone holding up a poster image of 'You' and matching the details to the surroundings
Credit: @steppingthroughfilm via Instagram

You’ve seen this one! It’s only on the bloody poster! But to find the exact spot, you’ll have to head down Regent Street. Stop in the middle of the street at the intersection between Regent Street and Great Marlborough Street and you’re there! It’s just down the street from Liberty. Please be careful trying to access this spot, though. It is a busy street, it is a busy part of London, and it is in the middle of the road (albeit on a thin pedestrianized median).

Four Seasons Hotel (Phoebe’s flat)

a still from You in the fictional Phoebe's flat
Credit: Netflix

A hyper-expensive hotel for a super-rich heiress’ flat – makes sense right? Good luck getting into the filming location itself though without a similar amount of money to net you a room! The building is so opulent that they didn’t even film interiors and exteriors separately, as most productions do. The hotel was plenty gorgeous enough to stand in for both!

Kynance Mews and Cornwall Gardens (Joe’s flat)

a view of the gateway to kynance mews adorned with ivy - one of the many You filming locations
Credit: Shutterstock – Photo by chrisdorney

Look, we’re not even going to discuss the absurdity of a university teacher supposedly being able to rent in Kensington. But for those of you who need yet another excuse to wander the gorgeous streets (besides searching for the soon-to-bloom cherry blossoms), why not try and spot Joe’s flat? You won’t be able to peek inside at Joe’s décor, as interiors were filmed elsewhere on a set, but you can at least marvel at the gorgeous tree-lined streets and cobbled mews.

St Pancras International

Joe in the You filming location of St Pancras International, with a cap and a newspaper
Credit: Netflix

This one surely made even the most casual London visitor spit out their tea and proclaim “I’ve been there!” Yes, ‘You’ did in fact film at St Pancras Station. We shudder to think how they achieved it with the crowds. Either way, it’s probably the most convenient of the ‘You’ filming locations to grab a snap at. Just don a cap, settle back on a bench with a newspaper, and do your best Joe impression. That is to say, look highly suspicious and completely innocent at the same time.

You Season 4 Part 2 drops on Netflix on March 9, 2023.