This London Restaurant Offers Over 500 Gins And Houses A Dedicated Pie Room • Holborn Dining Room

London’s temple to pie and gin, Holborn Dining Room, reminds us that a concerted focus on the seemingly simple things can result in stunning outcomes. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous restaurants in London, it also serves up stunning food.

As the name suggests, the restaurant is located in the heart of Central London. Nestled alongside Rosewood London, it’s the perfect spot for celebratory dinners and spontaneous post-work cocktails alike. The “grand British brasserie” serves up British food with a quirky twist in absolutely astonishing environs. Whether you’re grabbing a quick pint, settling in for a meal, or hankering for a pie – Holborn Dining Room will sort you out with grace and cheer. 

a shot of some of the tables in holborn dining room, with the bar visible to the right
Credit: Holborn Dining Room

The Gin Bar at Holborn Dining Room

When it comes to the unofficial spirit of London, Holborn Dining Room has created the ultimate shrine. Featuring over 500 different varieties, The Gin Bar offers London’s largest (and most diverse) selection of gin, alongside 30 varieties of tonic. That’s *starts counting on fingers* a LOT of different possible G&Ts! With an offering of well-known international brands alongside small-batch and local distillers, even the most dedicated gin enthusiasts will find something new to try.

Complete with an impressive copper-topped bar, this is a restaurant that screams interior goals. Their in-house mathematicians have calculated there are over 14,000 unique pairings of gin and mixer on offer. It’s basically the backlit juniper temple you’ve been dreaming of. And let’s be honest with ourselves, when a bar is gorgeous, the drinks just taste that much better.

There’s also a delightful outdoor terrace – perfect for when the weather warms up. We love a versatile venue, especially when as much consideration has gone into the outside as in. Too many places pop out some wooden benches and call it a day – but obviously that’s not going to fly here! Throughout the year the terrace offers up seasonal brunch and dinner menus, with a background of lush greenery that gives the feel of dining in a (very rich) friend’s English garden.

the terrace outside Holborn Dining Room
© Durston

A recent collaboration with single malt scotch whisky brand, Glenfiddich, saw the terrace transformed into The Time:Capsule. There, guests were invited to escape the hustle and bustle of city life with whisky tastings and limited edition cocktails.

The Pie Room

Oh, yeah, buddy. That’s right: there’s a whole dedicated Pie Room. Whether you’re after a casual pork pie for lunch or want to learn more at one of their Pie masterclasses, this is the place every food enthusiast needs to visit.

Pie room by day and executive private dining experience by night, this copper-clad grotto is piled high with savoury treats. Under the watchful eye of Nokx Majozi, the Head Pie Maker (what a title!), The Pie Room is, in their own words, a “one-stop destination dedicated to one of Britain’s most iconic dishes.”

Nokx Majozi standing in the open window of the holborn dining room pie hole
Nokx Majozi, Head Pie Maker. Credit: Holborn Dining Room

Now, you may be saying: how pretty can a pie be? It’s a pie.

But at Holborn Dining Room they’ve turned pie-making into an art form. I mean, has anyone tried calling The Tate Britain? These need their own dedicated exhibition pronto!

a selection of pies on plates
Credit: Holborn Dining Room

Even Mary Berry wouldn’t try complaining that these pies had a soggy bottom!

And, let’s say you’re not a gin fan. Let’s say pies aren’t exactly your thing (weird flex, but okay). Even then, you’ll still want to check out some of the venue’s delightful British dishes. The food here is equally as delicious as it is visually captivating.

a dish of octopus presented on a stark white plate
Credit: Holborn Dining Room

Oh and did we mention the desserts? Talk about #FoodPorn!I mean just look at this perfect slice of tart! I’m salivating! SALIVATING!

a slice of tart from holborn dining room
Credit: Holborn Dining Room

The Pie Hole

In wonderfully exciting news for pie scoffers, the Holborn Dining Room recently re-opened their Pie Hole for British Pie Week (March 6-12). The ultimate takeaway pie destination (have those words ever been written before?), the Pie Hole offers up the buttery, savoury delights found in the Pie Room. Time-strapped Londoners are able to grab pies directly from the handy street-side hatch all day. Pies include favourites such as the Chicken Pie, Pork Pie, Dauphinoise Potato Pie, and Sausage Rolls alongside mash and gravy.

two people stood outside the Holborn Dining Room's Pie Hole, staringly lovingly at the pies in their hands
Credit: Holborn Dining Room

Forget Greggs (okay, no, let’s not be ridiculous) — head to the Pie Hole for your next pastry fix. Or, if you’ve got some time on your hands, take a seat inside and spend a few hours soaking up the vibes and the gin alongside delicious food.

Holborn Dining Room