London Has Been Named The Most Scenic City In The World For Springtime

Is is the sheer profusion of flowers that do it? Or is it the collective sigh of relief that the gloomy London winter is over, and summer is on the way? Whatever it is, London is inarguably gorgeous in the spring. So gorgeous, in fact, that recent research from Travelbag has crowned London as the most scenic city in the world during the spring.

an aerial view of the serpentine in hyde park on a sunny day
Credit: Shutterstock – Photo by Alexey Fedorenko

Travelbag’s research compiled data from hashtag usage on Instagram, looking at the information for over 170 destinations around the world. London shot into first place – the hashtag #springinlondon was used in the captions of over 100,000 Instagram posts. In second place on the list was Paris, with just under 79,000 usages of #springinparis found across the social platform.

cherry blossoms framing a shot of the eiffel tower
Credit: Shutterstock – Photo by Vlasyuk Inna

It’s clear that spring in London is enjoyed equally by Londoners and tourists alike, and London’s plethora of gardens and green spaces provide the perfect spots to enjoy the balmy weather.

This is usually the part of an article where we’d mention the illustrious other locations that London beat out – but we beat out everyone! Among the top 10 were other gorgeous spring-time destinations, such as Sydney, Australia, and Berlin, Germany. However, none of the other scenic cities came even close to London and Paris. The third-placed most scenic city was the United States’ Seattle, which had just 24,220 posts tagged with #springinseattle, compared to London’s 100,832 and Paris’ 78,981 with their respective hashtags.

a shot of some of the greenery by the water in regent's park
Credit: Shutterstock – Photo by Anton_Ivanov

Spring in the most scenic city in the world

It’s no surprise to us that London has taken the crown. Even beyond the gorgeous blooms, from cherry blossoms to daffodils, London is a delight during spring.

As the weather warms up, Londoners flock to beer gardens to enjoy the balmy weather. And as the sun sets later and later, Londoners happily while away whole days in local parks.

people sitting in a beer garden in the sunshine enjoying a sunny day
Credit: Shutterstock – Photo by Paolo Paradiso

Add to that the joy of wandering around London’s historic sights, from preserved ruins to historic pubs, and you’ve got yourself a spring-time wonderland.

Most scenic city in the world during the spring? We’re inclined to agree, but we’d add summer, autumn, and winter to that title too!