Sirius Black’s London Flat From The Harry Potter Movies Is Up For Sale

If we told you that you could buy one the residences of Sirius Black from the Harry Potter movies, the first thing you Potterheads should be doing is asking us WHICH ONE, with a raised eyebrow.

Always do your due diligence — one of the places he lived in the movies was the prison of Azkaban, tormented by dementors after being wrongly locked up.

Leafy borough of Islington
Good choice, Sirius. Good choice (Image: Zoopla/Knight Frank)

Hand on heart, we can confirm that this is not the flat up for sale; it’s in the much leafier by comparison Islington. Who knew Sirius Black was an Arsenal fan?

Sirius Black, played by Gary Oldman, resided in this flat in the fifth outing of the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, once he was safely out of the Azkaban cell.

Flat-hunting in London is a tough old game, but Sirius seemed to find himself a gem here; Number 12, Grimmauld Place (which you can read about on the Harry Potter fandom) is actually part of a grade-II listed flat over in Claremont Square.

In the film, Sirius Black used this as the safehouse with “every security measure known to wizardkind” set up to protect it, and use for meetings with those who wished to bring down Lord Voldemort.

What’s become of it now? Well, it’s available for the (not so) magical sum of £385,000. Still, knowing the boy that lived set foot here is surely going to inflate the value, and we’re sure the helpful bunch at Gringotts can secure an unbeatable rate on your mortgage.

Clearly taking pride in his abode, Sirius Black kitted it out with a collection of beautiful paintings and a swanky kitchen (though, strangely, no fireplace; they did happen to be useful to him during the films, as you may recall). The studio also has access to a lovely rear garden which is bound to be perfect for a summer barbecue for wizards, witches and muggles alike!

While I don’t expect to see Gary Oldman down the Faltering Fullback or Rowans on a Friday night, it’s nice to know that his character blessed this brilliant area of London. And you can take his place; check out the ad on Zoopla here.