Five Reasons Why You Should Visit London’s Out-Of-This-World Avora Immersive Experience

Heading to the bar for a drink can mean a plethora of things in London: a quiet one with a date; a lively evening with your pals; or in this case, an evening of intergalactic travel! The Avora cocktail experience, located near Hoxton train station, is a unique evening out, and if you’ve not yet been, we’ve got a list of reasons to add it to your must visit list, pronto.

1. The set design

the interiors inside the third room at Avora cocktail experience

The set design at Avora is pretty impressive – and the top of my list of reasons to visit. There’s the clinically convincing Roscorp Laboratory, the flourishing, flora-filled planet, and of course, the mesmerising bioluminescence that tumbles down from the ceiling, lighting up the room (and making for some pretty impressive selfies). The entire set transitions from day to night so subtly, and the attention to detail is pretty darn cool.

2. The drinks

Avora is an immersive cocktail experience after all, so the drinks are rather important. At the cocktail experience, you’ll receive three unique drinks, each with an interactive element. I don’t want to reveal the full experience, but at times you’ll need to forage for ingredients, while at other times, create the mix yourself. Don’t worry, though, you’ll provided with the key measurements, so you can’t mess it up… too much. It’s an adventure, right?

3. The storyline

two friends laughing at the Avora cocktail experience

One of the reasons that Avora is unlike your regular visit to a cocktail bar is because, over the hour and 45 minutes, you’ll partake in a storyline as you drink. Again, without revealing way too much, you’ll be briefed on a mission by the CEO of Roscorp Laboratories down on Earth, before stepping through a portal and onto the new planet of Avora. While on the planet, you’ll interact with native ‘Avorians’, played by actors, and learn more about their way of life. You’ll then have the choice to continue with your mission, or side with the Avorians instead. At the climax, it is pretty dramatic.

4. The message

a cocktail at the Avora cocktail experience

While the experience is jubilant and light hearted, the Avora immersive experience does touch upon themes of global warming, and looking after our planet in the best way we can. Not only is this weaved in seamlessly with the drinks, drama, and overall captivating experience, but Avora and Inventive Productions (the team behind the whole thing), have actually committed to making a change. They’ve partnered with UK environmental organisation, Ecologi, so that a tree will be planted for every Avora experience ticket sold, plus the cocktails themselves have been co-created with the Sustainable Restaurant Group to ensure the highest possible sustainability standards are met.

5. There are fun, family friendly sessions on selected dates

a man and two children mixing a drink in a beaker at Avora Kids

Starting on April 2, every Sunday lunch time, and during weekdays on summer holidays, the team will pack away the booze, and instead use the gorgeous Avora set to welcome younger guests. Aimed at children aged 6–13, the Avora: Family Immersive Experience will take elements of the cocktail experience’s storyline and incorporate it with interactive sensory games, two cool (non-alcoholic) drinks, and an other worldly adventure. You’re guaranteed to create unforgettable family memories.

Avora: New World Cocktail Experience

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