Thailand Offers The Vibrant Bangok And Peaceful Khao Lak And It’s The Perfect Fusion

If you’re anything like me, and your ultimate holiday is the perfect mix of discovering new cuisine, trying a variety of sports activities, and finding true relaxation, Thailand may very well be your perfect next travel destination. Whether you’re looking to visit vibrant Bangkok, or gorgeous and peaceful Khao Lak, both locations have it all on offer.

At The Athenee in Bangkok, located on the grounds of former royal residence Kandhavas Palace, the palace of Princess Malaya Alongkorn, food lovers can explore eight different restaurants, serving anything from local traditional to modern international cuisine. At the Kintsugi Bangkok, by Japanese-American celebrity chef Jeff Ramsey, highlights include a cold walnut soba noodle dish and wonderfully fresh high-quality sashimi. Try to secure a seat at the counter, as seeing the dishes prepared and plated up close is quite the theatre. Over at The House of Smooth Curry, authentic Thai cuisine from the four regions of Thailand is prepared by Chef Montri Jiratitankit with all ingredients sourced from quality local suppliers.

Sports enthusiasts will love the Muay Thai classes the hotel offers on their stunning rooftop garden, located next to the pool area, and overlooking the city’s beautiful skyline. Wake up early for the most incredible view as the sun rises, and learn about this traditional Thai boxing sport, with a fantastic active workout to get you in the right mindset to explore all the busy city has to offer.

Elsewhere in the city, one of its many culinary highlights includes Paii, where modern Thai seafood is served in one of Bangkok’s iconic landmarks, the House of Sathorn. Menu highlights include the ‘Khao Pad Pu’, a giant crab fried rice with 500 grams of mud crab meat, and a mouthwatering ‘tea-ramisu’ dessert made with Thai tea.

For dinner with truly breathtaking sunset views, aboard the Sirimahannop ship on the Chao Phraya River, a replica of the Royal Thai Navy’s last three-masted sailing ship from the reign of King Rama V. Handcrafted cocktails and sharing plates reflecting the ship’s historic global trades can be enjoyed with beautiful sunset river views while enjoying DJ entertainment and the hustle and bustle of life on river. Combine with a visit to Asiatique The Riverfront, and stroll around the many market stalls and hunt for local and traditional souvenirs until late at night.

After a short internal flight to Phuket and a 1.5 hour car ride, the JW Marriott in Khao Lak must be one of the most relaxing destinations to enjoy after an incredible time exploring busy Bangkok.

Despite its size – the hotel has 420 rooms and is known for its lagoon pool that, at 2.4 kilometres long, is South East Asia’s longest pool – the resort is designed beautifully to maintain a peaceful and intimate feel. With so many beautiful pockets, greenery and views to explore, wandering about the resort is pure joy and, if you’re lucky, you may find the resort’s friendly staff on boats in the pool delivering fresh coconut water to guests to stay refreshed and hydrated during their stay.