If you’re using Easter as an excuse to eat as much chocolate (or frankly anything sweet) as humanly possible, these are the Easter treats you wanna crack on with…

HAPPi Easter Egg Bar

Oat milk chocolate brand HAPPi is turning the traditional Easter egg into flat plant-based and gluten-free bars this year as a more sustainable alternative to the packaging-heavy eggs often found on the shelves.


Daylesford Chocolate Asparagus

Daylesford is doing something a little different by rendering another springtime symbol, the asparagus, in chocolate. These milk chocolate spears are filled with hazelnut praline and hand painted with white chocolate.


Venchi White Chocolate & Salted Nuts Egg

If you love the combo of sweet and savoury, this Venchi egg is the one for you – the inside of the white chocolate egg is coated with a crunchy layer of lightly salted pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts.


Chococo Giant Dinosaur Egg

Go digging for fossils with this mottled effect milk chocolate Chococo egg, which has mini dark and white choc dinosaurs and ammonites studded inside. It also comes in completely plastic-free packaging.


Selfridges Malty One

This exclusive-to-Selfridges egg is made from single-origin blonde chocolate sourced from a cooperative in Ghana, with malt balls added for extra crunch.