Are you a James Bond fan? Then you have most definitely spotted the luxurious watches that James Bond wears in the movies. James Bond is known for being a well-dressed man and always appears all dressed up in a suit combined with a wide range of luxurious accessories. Now, you can also dress like James Bond because the watches that he wears are available for purchase online. They don’t come cheap but are certainly a great investment. Have you become curious about which watches he wears and what they are worth? Read all about James Bond’s luxurious collection of watches in this article.

Why you should buy James Bond watches

James Bond is a popular movie franchise and has already produced over 25 movies. Most of these movies feature one or more luxury watches. The watches are from all kinds of brands, such as Omega and Rolex. In the first book the brands of the watches that James Bond wears were not mentioned. It was in the second book that the writer first talks about James Bond’s Rolex.

The watches that are featured in the movies became instantly popular and are well sought after accessories. Some investors buy them to grow their value and sell them to James Bond fans. Others like to buy them as a commemoration of their favorite movie. For whatever reason you want to buy a James Bond watch, they are really popular and will most likely grow in value. It will not be difficult selling your watch if you decide you want to exchange it for another model. You’ll find a huge selection of James Bond watches through the link.

The following paragraphs will intrduce some of the luxorious pieces the famous spy wears in some of his most popular movies.

Source: picture from by Maurício Souza Mau 04-14-2016

Dr. No

Dr. No is the first James Bond movie featuring Sean Connery as James Bond. The watch that he wears here is a Rolex Submariner with a leather strap, however, this watch doesn’t have a date display. Some say that the watch was Sean Connery’s personal possession, but this was never confirmed. 

From Russia with Love

From Russia With love was the second James Bond movie ever made and was first released in 1963. James Bond is played by Sean Connery in this movie, who is wearing a luxurious Rolex Submarine which now has a value of approximately £58.000. The luxurious gold colored clockwork is attached to a stainless steel wristband. This watch was one of the most expensive watches ever shown in a James Bond movie. 


Another watch that should certainly be mentioned is the one worn in the movie Thunderball. This movie was released in 1965 and was the first James Bond movie that didn’t just feature a Rolex Submariner. Instead, this movie features two luxury watches. James Bond, still played by Sean Connery, wore a Breitling Top Time of which he used the Geiger counter in the Thunderball movie. To tell the time, he relies on his main watch: a Rolex Submariner. 

Casino Royale 

The watches worn in the Casino Royale are also noteworthy as the main watches in this movie were not a Rolex Submariner. Instead, James Bond, who is now portrayed by Daniel Craig, wears an Omega Seamaster Diver 300M and a Seamaster Planet Ocean. The Seamaster Diver is actually the limited edition 007 collectors piece, a watch that was especially designed for this movie. This watch is more on the affordable side as it is available for around £3500.