The Little Mermaid: Halle Bailey’s Ariel Will Be ‘Modern’, Unlike The Original

There’s not long to wait until 2023’s re-imagining of The Little Mermaid hits cinemas – and the new film promises to be a little more feminist than the original, according to its star Halle Bailey.

In a new interview with Edition magazine, the actor gave a little more insight into the plot of the movie, which she says won’t be so focused around the romantic storyline between Ariel and Prince Eric.

“I’m really excited for my version of the film because we’ve definitely changed that perspective of just her wanting to leave the ocean for a boy,” she said. “It’s way bigger than that. It’s about herself, her purpose, her freedom, her life and what she wants.

“As women we are amazing, we are independent, we are modern, we are everything and above. And I’m glad that Disney is updating some of those themes.”


Halle also spoke about the years of work that was involved in making the film – having first auditioned for the role of Ariel at 18, she is now 23.

“I feel like I learned so much through her. I auditioned when I was 18, got the role when I was 19, and I turn 23 this year. So I genuinely feel like [Ariel’s] helped me grow up,” she said.

The Little Mermaid was filmed over a year period at Pinewood Studios, London, involving lots of intensive stuntwork and training for Halle. She said in a YouTube video in September 2022: “I was in intense physical training for three months and then every single day I’d either be up in the air on wires, in a harness, or I’d be in the water all day. It was super exciting but I think my body, that was the hardest thing, and it’s the most in shape I’ve ever been in my life. But that was the toughest part I think, having to be that strong.”

The Little Mermaid is due to release in cinemas on 26 May 2023.