This ‘The Last Of Us’ Pop-Up Is In London Until Tomorrow

Within popular culture, we’re hit with plenty of apocalypse and ‘end of days’ scenarios, but that doesn’t change one simple fact: when it’s done well, it always slaps. Think Dawn of the Dead (and Shaun, obvs), Zombieland, and Train To Busan.

The Last Of Us is the latest of the zombie genre to hit our screens, and the series has been on everyone’s lips this year; as we watched Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) navigate their journey with bated breath.

While the HBO show may have aired the final episode of the smash videogame adaptation, Londoners can catch some more infectious action (but you’ll have to be quick!).

Over at Boxpark Shoreditch, Sony have launched a pop-up based around The Last Of Us. Promoting the game on Playstation 5, and coming shortly after the final episode, the Cordyceps Infection Zone arrived last weekend, and will remain in London until tomorrow at 7pm.

Upon entry, visitors to The Last Of Us pop-up can check out the exhibit of a gamer who was caught by a zombie in their bedroom, with a growth on the wall around them that you might recognise from the show. Sony advises anyone that hears clicking nearby to “carefully an quietly flee for your life” although, if you’ve watched it, you’d know those infected are pretty damn fast on their feet.

Sony added: “Authorities are urging caution if you spot the quarantine zone in BOXPARK Shoreditch and to retain a safe distance from the gamer.”

Seems like the gamer in question has had a pretty rough time of it, all things considered. But if they wake up, I certainly wouldn’t want to be next to them. Unless I’m standing directly behind Ellie and Joel.

There’s still time to grab a nice snap for the ‘gram at this The Last Of Us pop-up: it’s run daily between 11am-7pm, and leaves Boxpark Shoreditch tomorrow (March 21). Keep those wits about you, though.

Find it at 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6GY.