An East London Cocktail Bar Is Dipping French Fries Into A Cadbury Crème Egg

Well, the headline just about sums it up to be honest. There’s not much more to say. The Shoreditch cocktail bar, Seed Library, is either preparing for a great misdeed or has uncovered London’s hottest new food pairing with their limited-edition ‘Egg & Chips’ and cocktail pairing. I guess that’s one way to celebrate Easter!

So, if the pictures aren’t enough for you, and the headline isn’t clear enough for you, here’s the deal: Seed Library is quite literally serving up warm Cadbury Crème Eggs with fries. And they’re actively encouraging you to dip the fries into the warm chocolatey concoction. AND there’s a cocktail pairing to boot.

french fries and crème egg mingling in an unholy mixture
Credit: Seed Library

Is it the most London thing ever? Is it creativity gone too far? Or is it just on the right side of genius? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to at least try it once. After all, plenty of people (including me from time to time) dip fries into their milkshakes, or their soft serve sundaes from golden-arch chain restaurants. And we’re all aware by now of the power of a sweet-and-savoury or salty-sweet food pairing. The first person to think of caramel corn was probably looked at a bit strangely before the flavour combo caught on!

Egg & Chips with a drink

Okay, I will acquiesce my tentative enthusiasm and say that the dish title is rather tongue-in-cheek. Imagine ordering egg and chips in a caff and being presented with this! To cap it all off, the drink is served alongside a Ramos cocktail. The drink makes use of vodka, Empirical Symphony 6, crème de egg, lemon, and cream.

the fries and crème egg special dish from seed library, with a tall frothy drink next to them
Credit: Seed Library

So that’s salty, sweet, sour, bright, refreshing, chocolate-y, potato-y, and … well… I guess I’ll have to try it and find out what I think!

Okay, but why?

It’s kind of a sweet story actually. It all goes back to the childhood of bar owner Mr Lyan aka Ryan Chetiyawardana. Growing up, it was his favourite chocolate – especially since he lived in Birmingham and had “the Creme Egg cars and the wonders of Cadbury’s World just down the road”. The pairing is also a nod to a classic Cadbury ad campaign from the 1980’s: ‘How do you eat yours?’ Clearly they’ve taken the idea and run with as far as they can!

According to Ryan it’s “The perfect homage to Birmingham’s best non-musical export.”

fries being dipped into a creme egg, which is held inside an eggcup with a face on it
Credit: Seed Library

Fancy giving it a try? The super-limited-edition cocktail and food pairing will only be on the menu at Seed Library from April 5-9. That’s right, only five days to try it! See you at the bar? We can both take the first bite at the same time…

You can find Seed Library at 100 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JQ. The nearest station is Shoreditch High Street.