Indulge In A Churros Afternoon Tea At These Pastel Paradise Churros Bakeries • The Knot Churros

One of the striking signifiers of just how lucky we are with our food scene in London is the plethora of ultra-specialised eateries. The kind of places that do one thing really well. That could be super-fancy donuts, profiteroles, or even churros – as is the case with The Knot Churros. And next month (April), they’re opening up their second location, set to be The Knot Churros flagship location – in Knightsbridge. Londoners are in for a pastel-filled, sugar-fuelled treat!

The Knot Churros first opened up in Kensington with coffees sprouting with candy floss, churros dipped in fairy dust, and mermaids swimming in milkshakes. It was, and remains to this day, an Insta-worthy paradise that brought out the kid inside all of us. But reigning supreme, always, are their churros – it’s in the name after all!

The Knot Churros’ churros

Now, obviously, they do serve the classic cinnamon churro. But, also probably obviously, they don’t shy away from having fun with the sweet treat. In fact, they’ve got a whole menu of churro-y delights to choose from.

All of the churros from The Knot Churros come in their iconic elliptical shape, and can come plain with just cinnamon sugar, dipped in a selection of dipping sauces, glazed with a whole host of icing and topping options, or even cold as a chilled churro sundae. Yup, that’s right – you can get a churro sundae. You know when you find out about something you never knew existed, and suddenly your life isn’t complete without it? That’s us now that we’ve heard about these maximalised sundaes!

a golden dusted soft serve sundae with churros stuck into it, and a mound of cotton candy behind it
Credit: The Knot Churros

(Oh, and psst, the churros themselves are vegan-friendly!)

And then, within those options there are even more choices to make. Do you want the Lotus Lover glazed churro, with white Belgian chocolate and crushed Lotus biscoff? Or how about the Little Mermaid chilled churro, with Belgian strawberry chocolate, pink sprinkles, pink soft serve ice cream, pink cotton candy, and A MERMAID TAIL?

And you know it doesn’t stop there. They also serve rainbow bagels with a selection of fillings, glitter popcorn, ice cream, candy floss (or even candy-floss-wrapped ice cream!), gargantuan milkshakes, slush drinks, hot chocolates, specialized lattes, and teas and coffees. It is, in a word, bonkers. But brilliantly so!

But wait, there’s more! They also do brunch at The Knot Churros (which we assume you sprint home from, with all that sugar!), and the world’s first churro afternoon tea. Perfect for you and your sweet-toothed family members and friends, the churro afternoon tea serves up three tiers of seasonal-glazed churros, soft serve ice cream, glitter popcorn, bagels, candy floss, and a choice of drink! Priced at just £30pp, it’s a decadent delight.

the afternoon tea set up from the knot churros, with three tiers of food, tea, and a massive cloud of cotton candy
Credit: The Knot Churros

Now, they can only seat up to four people at each churro afternoon tea, but at least that means less people you have to share with! Plus, without a bunch of chairs around the table, you’re far more likely to get a great snap with the gorgeous interiors.

The new flagship location

Naturally, Knot Churros has a few tricks up their sleeve for the new location in Knightsbridge. We’ll start with the interiors: they’re promising plenty of pastel (naturally) and a baby pink piano and harp. That’s all topped off with floating flowers and swingsets for the perfect photo ops. And they’ll also have live music every night to keep the vibes pumping through the night.

And then there’s the food! They’ll be serving all the classics from their existing menu, plus plenty more of soon-to-be viral colourful foodie bites. We’re talking Loaded Fries, Candy Cotton Churros, Pink and Blue Hot Chocolate, and even Pink and Blue Hot Dogs! The food will simply have to be seen to be believed.

The Knot Churros Kensington is located at 13 Bute St, Kensington, SW7 3EY. The nearest station is South Kensington.

The Knot Churros Knightsbridge will open at 36 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7JN. The nearest stations are Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner.