TfL Are Adding A Host Of New Express Bus Routes In New ‘Superloop’ Plans

Express bus routes linking the suburbs to the centre of London can be an absolutely godsend for those who live in the outer zones.

Take the current 607 route, for example. It provides one (slightly long but) handy express route between Uxbridge (Zone 6) and White City (Zone 2), which then opens up a host of easy routes into CENTRAL central London.

Map detailing the Superloop routes
Image: TfL

As it stands, there are just four of these speedy buses (607, X26, X140 and X68) around London, but Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled plans for a ‘Superloop’ of new express bus routes across the capital.

What does a ‘Superloop’ entail?

Basically, a more expansive network of express buses in London after a new round of £6 million funding from City Hall.

To start with, this will mean a rebrand of the current big four express routes to the ‘Superloop’, with TfL also planning to expand the number of buses on these current routes.

For example, the longest bus route in London—the X26, which runs the 24 miles between Croydon and Heathrow—is set to offer a service every 15 minutes, as opposed to two-per-hour, later this year.

There are also plans to create a new Superloop route between Harrow and North Finchley, which will helpfully link passengers up to that existing X26. Most new routes won’t be in place by the time ULEZ zones change, but it is hoped that by creating this new set of faster routes that cover greater spaces in London will help following this expansion.

Speaking on the Superloop, Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “When I made the tough decision to expand the Ulez London-wide, one of my key commitments to Londoners was to improve transport links in outer London.

“Today I am delivering on that commitment as we announce the Superloop, the game-changing new network of express buses that will add over four million additional kilometres to our bus network in outer London, linking stations, town centres, hospitals and transport hubs.

“These new routes will make it much easier for Londoners to get around the capital, and help build a better, greener London for everyone.”

More sections on the Superloop could include one between North Finchley and Walthamstow, and then between Walthamstow and the Royal Docks. There are also talks for routes from Bexleyheath to Croydon. Fares on the Superloop will be no different to standard bus routes, standings at £1.75 and also allowing the ‘hopper’ option.

This is currently at proposal stages, and will be discussed further with some details subject to change. Keep an eye on our pages for further updates to Superloop plans!