The Trafalgar Christmas Square Tree Will Remain All Year Round After December 2023

It arrives every year. It gets mocked online (we might be guilty of indulging the pile on). And then it’s taken down after lighting up the centre of London over the end of year holiday season.

Of course, we’re talking about the much-maligned, but loveable Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. The monolithic Norwegian sapling is subject to pelters every. single. year., but it really wouldn’t be Christmas without it, would it?

Now usually, our lovely gift arrives in the first week of December; that’s not about to change in 2023, as it has done so every year since 1947 — but this year something magical is happening. The tree will quite simply… not leave Trafalgar Square.

Despite the tree being taken to the woodchippers online every year, a poll determined that these comments were pointed in a loving way, and public opinion swayed more towards ‘yay’ for the branchy behemoth. You’ll soon be seeing the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree as a permanent fixture in central London.

Who’s behind this little stroke of genius is still unclear, but we like to think this Twitter account that defended the tree played its part.

Speaking today (April 1), Trafalgar Square spokesperson Joe King said: “We are so pleased to confirm that the beloved tree that our friends in Norway gift us each year will remain as a permanent fixture in very centre of London.

“We need a bit of cheer all year round, so why not keep this traditional piece of décor we enjoy in December up for the whole year? Naysayers who point to the online hatred it when arrives are quite simply barking up the wrong tree *laughs* — London has very much endeared itself to this beacon of light.”

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree has arrived in London every year since 1947 as a gift from Norway to pass on their gratitude for Britain’s help in WWII. Read more about the tree’s story here.

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree will arrive on December 7, 2023, before remaining in the square indefinitely, lighting up at sunset each night!

APRIL FOOLS! Did our little joke have you going for a second? Sorry to those who backed this idea — we still love you, Trafalgar Square Christmas tree.