A Colourful And Free Minigolf Course Has Just Opened In Canary Wharf

In a move destined to unite the two worlds of minigolf fanatics and art obsessives, Canary Wharf has today (April 6) opened a free minigolf course designed by none other than acclaimed art duo Craig & Karl. Popping down in Montgomery Square, the course has arrived just in time for Easter celebrations and (hopefully) sunnier weather.

Now, this isn’t actually the first time the unique minigolf course has opened up – with 2022 marking the course’s debut. But it was so popular last year, that the Canary Wharf Group simple had to bring it back.

Artist Karl Maier, putter over shoulder, leaning on a black and white striped pole that features on the new free minigolf course in canary wharf
Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

The course is vibrantly colourful, in keeping with Craig & Karl’s playful style, with bold stripes of colour, and striking, checked patterns. It’s sure to pop up on many a social feed near you, soon.

But, apparently a free minigolf course isn’t enough, because the Canary Wharf Group has also installed a number of special ping pong tables around the area. These are also free to use – and are the perfect way to pass the wait for your tee-time. And, like the minigolf course, they’re no ordinary ping pong tables, with each one specially designed by Art of Ping Pong.

How to play your free round of minigolf

There’s no catch, and no hoops to jump through. The minigolf course is completely free to the public. But, of course, that means you’ll probably need to queue – everyone loves a free experience after all. The course is open from 12-6pm every day – perfect for a lunch-time putt-off, or a weekend family tournament.

Said Lucie Moore, Associate Director, Arts and Events at Canary Wharf Group:

“We are delighted to re-open Craig & Karl’s minigolf course for another summer season after its popularity in 2022. The course adds a unique and vibrant style to Canary Wharf’s ever-growing collection of artworks, and is sure to bring out friendly competition in friends, families and office workers on the wharf. Art of Ping Pong’s eye-catching tables further add to the number of free activities we have on offer, perfect for getting outdoors on a sunny day.”

Artist Karl Maier standing, putter over shoulder, next to a feature on the new free minigolf course in canary wharf
Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Just be sure not to hit the golf balls too wildly – you don’t want to smash any of the nearby windows…

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