50 Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles To Have On Rotation

The beauty of half-up half-down hairstyles is the ease. For starters, they are a pretty compromise when you’re forced to choose between an updo or keeping your hair loose. The sweet spot is that you get to keep the length, but half-up half-down hairstyles also give you the opportunity to experiment with a little bit of oomph at the crown.

And, as Hailey Bieber proves in the first YouTube video of her new cooking show, half-up half-down hairstyles can be coolly dressed down for a casual jeans and T-shirt type of day as much as they can be dialled up for the red carpet.

They also work just as well on long hair as they do on bobs. Here, Hailey swept the top half of her hair into a mini ponytail while the ends of her box bob curled inwards, softly hugging her jawline and neck.

In fact, as hairstyles go, half-up half-down is pretty much as versatile as you can get. The portion you lift off and away from your face offers endless opportunities from a straight-up ponytail to intricate braids, space buns, top knots, sky high ponies, face framing pigtails, simple twists and more – which is a lot of options for one hairstyle.

No matter where you are on your wash cycle, half-up half-down hairstyles are always a winner, too. If your hair is limp from being freshly washed, adding a high pony or top knot can fake some faux volume where you want it. Likewise creating a style that sits over your crown offers up some genius camouflage if your hair’s looking a little greasy and due a wash.

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