Vanilla Chrome Nails: Everything You Need To Know About The Minimalist Manicure TikTok Trend

Every heard of vanilla chrome nails? You heard it here first, it should be top of the list of styles for your spring manicure.

Nails TikTokker @thehotblendofficial has brought the trend to our attention, and we are loving it. Set against the audio of a scene from iconic movie When Harry Met Sally, the video shows a very soothing walkthrough of how to do the vanilla chrome.

We first see her paint on a creamy shade of “Love Letter” onto her oval nails, as well as a a top coat, before adding the key ingredient. Using an eyeshadow applicator, she spreads the vanilla/chrome powder onto her nails, creating a truly gorgeous sheen.

According to @thehotblendofficial’s bio, the powder she uses is “two white pearlescent nail chrome powders” mixed together, so you could even make your own bespoke shade.

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The trend is going down a storm on TikTok, with one user saying that the nails “look like pearls”, and another pointing out that the trend has ideal timing for wedding season and the looks that come with it.

“This would be a cute wedding day nail for a bride in a chic elegant satin wedding dress. chefs kiss,” they tweeted.

Influencer Victoria Magrath has also described her vanilla chrome manicure as giving her “the most beautiful nails I’ve ever had”, after a visit with @thehotblend, who paints on a slightly pinker base than in her own TikTok video.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

“Honestly I think this is going to be the biggest nail trend of the spring [and] summer,” she says on her own TikTok video.

She describes the manicure as “absolutely unreal in person” adding that it looks different when the light hits: “in daylight it looks completely different to in the darkness, it just kind of glimmers”.

Fans agree, calling Magrath’s finished vanilla chrome manicure both “bougie” and “cute”, and we wholeheartedly agree.

Sign us up for this beautiful look, ASAP.