Anya Taylor Joy Revealed She Was Shamed For Her Eyes

Anya Taylor-Joy is the moment. Not only is she an absolutely exceptional actor but she’s quickly become one of award season’s most anticipated red carpet stalwarts.

That’s why it’s pretty damn heartbreaking to hear that the 27-year-old revealed she she stopped looking in mirrors due to online comments making fun of her appearance.

In a resurfaced interview, which is going viral and quite rightly evoking sympathy from her fans, the model-turned-actor told W Magazine that negative comments about her ‘far apart eyes’ made her avoid mirrors.

Manny Carabel

Anya Taylor-Joy said: “I can definitely remember when Facebook was a thing and I was never aware that my eyes were far apart and then someone tagged me in a picture with a fish and they were like, ‘This is you ’cause your eyes are like here.”

“And I was really upset about it and I didn’t enjoy it and I kind of stopped looking in mirrors for a very long time,” she said. “I still don’t really spend a lot of time in front of mirrors because I don’t really have to deal with my face. Unfortunately, y’all do.”

The star, who became a household name thanks to her turn in Netflix’s hugely popular The Queen’s Gambit, also revealed that her friends would throw a ball at the side of her head because “my eyes really were on both sides of my face”. “It became common knowledge in the playground that if you wanted me to catch a ball, you had to throw it at the side of my head ‘cause if you just threw it straight here, I’d just be like, ‘Oh, my God. What? What happened? What’s going on?’” she recalled.

Marc Piasecki