Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling At Barbie Cinemacon Press Tour In Matching Pink Outfits

If you thought the hype around Barbiecore was quieting down, you can think again because it seems Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are fully committed to its cause.

The fashion movement, first penned after stills from the set of upcoming Greta Gerwig film Barbie were released last year, bolstered all things pink (pastel, neon, magenta, gingham) to reign supreme and, looking at photos from Robbie and Gosling’s press tour for the film at Cinemacon in Las Vegas, the stars are just as obsessed themselves, arriving in complementary pink outfits.

Robbie opted to channel her alter-ego’s signature look with a retro co-ord set – a matching baby pink gingham bralette and a mini wrap skirt by Prada, topped off with pink kitten mules by Christian Louboutin, in a similar style to the ones we saw in that famous trailer.

Greg Doherty

Gosling, meanwhile, went all-out Ken’s in his plastic-fantastic pink bomber jacket worn over a“Greta Gerwig” slogan tee in Barbie font, slim-fit jeans, and rugged desert boots. There was no sign of him ditching Ken’s golden tan and signature blond highlights either. Clearly both Robbie and Gosling are very into it. Or (likely) it’s all part of the film’s clever marketing ploy.

Whether they actually like wearing pink or not, this is only just the beginning. While Succession’s ‘stealth wealth‘ may have briefly taken centre stage, selling us the idea that pared-back hues of ivory, cream and caramel are more chic, Robbie and Gosling are out to show everyone that pink is, in fact, far more fun and we are here for it.

The film’s first trailer was released in April 2023, where we were treated to a glimpse of Margot Robbie in a gorgeous pink gingham dress, waving out at a rather Barbie-looking world, as well as in an enviable bathing suit coupled with a rather ‘80s-inspired curly fringe. Plus, we’ve been teased with some on-set stills – roller skates, ’70s-style co-ords and neon visors galore.

With a roster of press appearances before the film’s official UK release on 21 July 2023, we’re looking forward to seeing more of these Barbie and Ken-approved looks ASAP.