TfL Has Unveiled A Memorial To Transport Workers Who Passed Away Through Covid

Casting our minds back over recent years may not be easy, but it’s important to remember those who lost their lives to Covid.

TfL has unveiled a memorial to over 100 transport workers who died during Covid; those who worked through public lockdowns to ensure healthcare workers could reach their places of work.

Mayor Sadiq Khan paying his respects at the unveiling of the TfL memorial to transport workers who lost their lives to Covid
Image: TfL

It was revealed that a memorial to transport workers who passed away to Coronavirus was being created in 2021, and as of yesterday (April 26), the permanent piece is displayed on Braham Street in Aldgate.

Both the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the city’s Transport Commissioner Andy Lord – as well as family, friends and colleagues of those who lost their lives – were present to unveil the memorial in London, and remember each person the memorial commemorates.

Over 100 transport workers have died from Covid since March 2020, and this memorial pays tribute to workers on the Tube, rail services, buses, taxis and private hire services that tirelessly kept the city linked during the pandemic.

Sadiq Khan said: “It’s an honour to commemorate the more than 100 transport workers who lost their lives in the service of our city.

“When the entire nation was gripped by fear they did not waver. They ensured our phenomenal NHS workers could still care for our friends and family, our shopworkers and delivery drivers could still meet our basic needs and our care workers could still look after our most vulnerable.

“They were there for us and we are duty bound to remember that we only prevailed because they persevered. This memorial will stand here for all time as an expression of the debt we owe for the sacrifice they made.”

Those visiting the memorial on Braham Street will notice an array of new plants, including a foxglove tree next to two new curved benches; offering space for a moment of reflection and remembrance of those who lost their lives.