Have You Noticed The Giant Crowns On Top Of Bus Stops In Oxford Street?

You know when you inadvertently leave a cup of coffee on top of your car? Well, this is a little bit like that, except it involves a giant King Charles III and his misplaced crown.

If you hadn’t gathered that the first coronation since 1953 was happening this weekend, then a walk around central London should do just the trick.

There hasn’t been this much Union Jack bunting up since, well, last year’s Platinum Jubilee (or the Platty Joobs, as some may fondly remember it); but you know what that didn’t have? Giant crowns atop the bus stops in Oxford Circus.

Yes, many a Londoner has been surprised by the sighting of this rather royal-looking bus stops in London’s busiest shopping district this week. And of course, they kept completely quiet about it took to the internet to make jokes about it.

Heavy is the head that ditches the giant crown that is still too small for them, as I believe the saying actually goes.

There’s three of the crowns sat in Oxford Circus, though one has appeared to have gone walkabout already…

While it’s pretty tough to verify whether it has really been stolen as opposed to being removed/reclaimed by a supersized Monarch, it remains to be seen whether the remaining two crowns make it to the big C this weekend (May 6). Still, the giant red pillow that the crowns rest upon has been left unscathed at the site of the missing crown.

Anyway, to pivot away from the foolishness for just a second, these crowns have arrived as part of a collaboration between TfL and New West End Company, who represent businesses in the area and have funded the display with no cost to the taxpayer.