May 2023’s Flower Moon Is Tonight – Here’s What It Means For You

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2023 is upon us and despite its seemingly innocent name, the Flower Moon is actually going to wreak havoc with our moods and lives. Buckle up, girlies.

We’ve all heard of strange goings-on during a full moon (hi, Mercury Retrogade), where mischief, mood swings and mystical occurrences seem to peak, from bizarre human behaviour to unsettled dogs. So, what’s actually in store and what does a Flower Moon really mean for you?

What is The Flower Moon?

According to Western astrology, the Lunar Eclipse will occur in the sign of Scorpio, and according to Vedic astrology, Jyotish — in the sign of Libra. As Moonly app founder, Olga Ramora, explains: “The Eclipse Corridor on the Aries-Libra axis is an ambiguous time when activity, bold decisions, and leadership qualities are required from us. But the Eclipse itself can heavily influence our thought process, and as a result, instead of a successful outcome, one can expect turbulence along the way. You should be reasonable, conscious, and listen to others. Find the balance between your ambitions and the desires of others, selfishness, and cooperation.”

How does the Flower Moon affect us?

During the period of Eclipses, the influence of the Sun and the Moon is replaced, or “eclipsed”. People behave drunk, so to speak, and their worldview becomes less mature. “Corridor of Eclipses is a test, in a way, to see how much a person can maintain adequacy, and awareness, even during such volatile times. If they can, then they are freed from some of the karmic programs, and once the corridor of Eclipses passes, it feels easier, more successful, and more confident to move forward. If they can’t, then all the mistakes with much stronger force begin to take place in the life scenario,” adds Olga. So basically it’s sink or swim!

Since it is the Moon that is responsible for how we perceive reality, for our inner experiences and psyche, the influence of a Lunar eclipse is felt stronger than that of a solar one. Great.

“Therefore, try to remain calm, not get involved in conflicts and disputes, pause, and do not rush to conclusions,” she advises. “Also remember that the people around you are now also under the influence of the Eclipse — do not take their breakdowns, temperament, emotional instability, resentment, and closeness close to heart.”

This weekend looks set to be a transformational period and may well bring up patterns and unexpressed emotions but also activate inner strength and willingness to change. “It’s a powerful time for working with consciousness, clearing out blocks and damaging programs, as well as practices for letting go and cleansing,” says Olga.

‌Thanks to the Flower Moon, we may be more sensitive when handling our emotions and reactions toward other people. It’s better to be careful with yourself and others, pay attention to your feelings, and allow yourself to relax and be alone with yourself.

Olga’s main recommendation? Do not make critical decisions and do not rush things. This is especially true regarding issues of relations, conflicts, and any competitive scenarios.

“The practices of grounding and centering can help: direct your attention to the body and feel the space around, the floor, the ceiling, and the walls. You can concentrate on breathing: first breathe slowly and deeply for 7 minutes, then a bit faster and not as deep. At the same time, observe the sensations of your body and mind,” she advises.