We’ve covered full English breakfasts and natural wine in guides 1 & 2, and now we’re moving on to the nation’s favourite lunch

Sandwiches: the best things between bread and the best thing since sliced bread. London’s absolutely full of ’em, but which ones should you be spending your money on? If the wealth of choice has you a bit overwhelmed and running for the safety of a supermarket meal deal, Sausage Press is here to help. Our third issue, which is out this May, is all about the sarnie and which London spots to hit up when the lunch bell goes.

As always, the guide is perfectly pocket-sized and folds out to reveal full-colour listings of the city’s best. From the sandos at Secret Sandwich Shop to the one-of-a-kind cheese toasties at Kappacasein, go on a tour of London via superstar sandwiches and their suggested pairing crisp. And the guide can be all yours for £7.49.

Plus, to celebrate the new launch, we’ve teamed up with five of the featured sandwich shops to make some limited-time specials.

Mondo Sando
The Mondo Gumbo, a Flock & Herd Hot Link sausage sub with cajun corn, house giardiniera, Old Bay crisps, shrettuce, Crystal Hot Sauce mayo and a pot of sausage & okra gumbo.

Catalyst beer sausage sandwich with a fried egg, Catalyst Coffee sriracha kimchi, and provolone cheese. That’s not all,

A square sausage, fried egg & cheddar bap

Kossoffs Bakery
A merguez sausage, caramelised red onion & dill yoghurt baguette respectively.

All specials will be available for the first week of no.3’s launch, from 9th – 14th May, so go get those sarnies whilst you can.