Mia Threapleton: Who is Kate Winslet’s daughter? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

In an interview with British Vogue, Kate Winslet opened up about what it was like to work with Mia: “It was a really special experience… as a mother and daughter. I was given new things to respect and admire about my own child,” she said . “I wanted to cover areas of motherhood and being a mother that can sometimes be incredibly challenging and lonely.”

She added that “everything” was improvised for the project: “There was no script… Every single word that came out of our mouths, we made up on the day.”

What other roles has Mia Threapleton played?

She appeared in a modern TV adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons last year, after acting in Irish thriller Shadows and 2014 film A Little Chaos alongside Winslet and other amazing household names such as Stanley Tucci, Helen McRory and Alan Rickman.

Mark Boland

What does Kate Winslet think of Mia’s foray into the acting world?

During an interview with Lorraine Kelly, she called Mia’s decision to follow her in to world of acting “a wonderful thing that I think I knew was coming”.

“I think I always suspected,” she said. “And then sure enough, a couple years ago, she turned around and said, ‘I think I would like to give it a go.’”

What with the huge conversation around nepo babies, Winslet was clear that Mia is committed to using her father’s name, as to make her own way without the connection from her famous mum to aid her.

“What’s been really great for her is that she has a different surname so that initial job out of the gate, she slipped right under the radar,” she added. “The people who cast her had absolutely no idea that she was my daughter. And of course, that was my biggest fear and most important for her self esteem.”