The World’s Largest Banksy Exhibition Is Set To Open In London This Summer

There is no truer truth in this world than the indisputable fact that Banksy is far and away the most famous street artist of all time. In the shadowy world of street art where aliases and alter-egos are the norm, it’s a name known by everyone. They’ve brought to the world some of the most recognisable images of the art world. And this summer, fans will get the chance to marvel at a huge Banksy exhibition of over 100 works: The Art of Banksy.

Dropping down on London’s Regent’s Street on July 5, The Art of Banksy will comprise some of Banksy’s most iconic pieces and some never-before-seen works. And all of the pieces have been authenticated and guaranteed as the real deal. With 110 artworks on display, visitors will be able to see notorious works such as Girl With Balloon, Flower Thrower, and Rude Copper. These will be presented alongside “hand drawn sketches and personal works that Banksy created for friends, associates and lovers”.

three versions of the iconic girl with balloon image by Banksy, each coloured differently
Image: ‘The Art of Banksy’

Tickets go on sale today (May 17), starting at just £17.50. Banksy fans and the Banksy-curious will not want to miss out!

A world-famous Banksy exhibition

The Art of Banksy is already a worldwide spectacle, having dazzled “over 1.5 million visitors in 15 cities across the globe”. As well as works displayed on canvases and in print, pieces will also include the intriguingly described “fascinating ephemera”. I’m not sure what it means – but it’s sure piqued my curiosity. The Banksy exhibition will be the first time that many of the pieces are being displayed.

a selection of framed works on the wall at a Banksy exhibition
Image: ‘The Art of Banksy’

Banksy’s other artistic statements will also make an appearance, such as Dismaland and The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem. Recent artworks will also make an appearance, many of which have touched on the ongoing war in Ukraine.

New for the London edition of the Banksy exhibition is a peek behind the curtain at some of the works. Friends and associates of the artist have shared insights into Banksy’s most famous, impactful images. They’ll be shining some light onto how some of their most “headline-grabbing street art stunts were devised”. Visitors are sure to walk away having learned much more about the enigmatic figure who has been using art and culture in hopes of enacting change around the world.

a four-by-four grid of framed Banksy pieces displayed on a dark wall
Image: ‘The Art of Banksy’

The Art of Banksy exhibition will take place at 84-86 Regent St., London W1B 5HB.

Tickets can be purchased from the website.