What should you wear to Royal Ascot? We have ideas for every dress code

Royal Ascot 2023 is just around the corner. The five-day racing carnival is set to take place this year from Tuesday the 20th until Saturday the 24th of June, and if you’re planning to attend this year’s festivities you might be wondering what to wear? 

As many people know, Royal Ascot comes with its very own set of sartorial rules and a strict attendee dress code. Though it’s not a one size fits all event, the dress code actually alters depending on which enclosure you find yourself in. The Royal Enclosure acts as the most formal space on the racecourse, while the Windsor Enclosure contains the least strict style rules. 

Luckily, below we have ideas for all options alongside explainers on the differing requirements. So if you’re looking for some clarity, keep scrolling for ideas on what to wear Ascot. 

What to wear to Ascot: The Princess of Wales wears polkadot dress and hat

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The Royal Enclosure Dress Code

The Royal Enclosure is the dressiest of all the enclosures, requiring attendees to wear dresses or skirts which are knee-length or longer. All looks must have shoulder straps which are at least 1 inch wide. 

If you choose to wear a suit, the trousers and blazer must match in material and colour, while all ladies are also required to wear a hat. The dress code dictates that you may wear a headpiece or hatinator instead of a hat, however, the base of your headpiece must measure at least 4 inches in diameter. 

In addition to this, strapless, off-the-shoulder and spaghetti strap dresses are not permitted, nor are sheer fabrics or exposed midriffs. 

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The Queen Anne and Village Enclosure Dress Code

The Queen Anne and Village enclosures have the same dress code and are slightly less strict than the Royal Enclosure. While the Royal Enclosure requires women to wear hats, in the Queen Anne and Village Enclosures, fascinators are also permitted. 

There is also no requirement in terms of dress length, yet your look should still have shoulder or halterneck straps. Strapless and off-the-shoulder dresses are not permitted, nor are visible midriffs or sheer fabrics.  

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The Windsor Enclosure Dress Code

According to the official Ascot website, there is no strict dress code for the Windsor Enclosure, though guests are still expected to dress in a presentable way. The website suggests smart attire and recommends a hat or fascinator be worn for women. 

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