Dua Lipa and Donatella Versace debut summer-ready ‘La Vacanza’ collection in Cannes

Powerhouse designer, Donatella Versace, teamed up with a global pop superstar Dua Lipa last night on the creation of a very special collection for Versace. 

Entitled, La Vacanza, Dua Lipa co-designed the range with Versace’s creative director, which the pair mutually described as a celebration of fun, freedom and confidence. 

A sprawling villa in the South of France made for the perfect setting for this vacation-ready collection. Models walked atop an infinity pool, overlooking the French Riviera in what made for one of the most breathtaking show settings we’ve seen in some time. Taking top spot of the best looks we’ve seen in Cannes so far. (We have all the finest Cannes red carpet looks live here).

Dua Lipa x Versace summer collection runway in Cannes

(Image credit: Carlijn Jacobs)

The see now, buy now collection was filled with so many hallmarks of the traditional Versace brand, including gold detailing, statement dresses and Versace’s instantly recognisable safety pin hardware. 

Though of course, Dua brought her own unique spin to the collection. (We’re still not over her Met Gala outfit yet). A butterfly motif was present throughout, which the pop star explained in a press conference pre-show was made to symbolise freedom. The collection also had a distinctly nostalgic feel, evident in everything from the terry-towelling swimsuits to the patterned tights and pale pink power skirt suits. 

Dua lipa x versace summer collection runway Cannes

(Image credit: Carlijn Jacobs)

If the archival inspiration wasn’t obvious enough, models also employed a decidedly ’90s catwalk method, making complete 360-degree turns on the runway which felt reminiscent of the walks made famous by the original supers decades ago. Not only did this work to enhance the already glamorous collection, but it also added a fun sense of personality to show.

And speaking of models, Dua Lipa and Donatella certainly found themselves a star-studded lineup. From Lila Moss to Iris Law, Irina Shayk, Precious Lee, Stella Maxwell and more, the runway was filled with very familiar faces. 

Versace x dua lipa collection

(Image credit: Carlijn Jacobs)

Thanks to the see now, buy now ethos of this collection, many pieces spotted on the runway are already available for purchase, and given Dua Lipa’s global influence and star power, we can only assume the products won’t last long. 

From the hero polka-dot and butterfly print to the gold jewellery and hair accessories, keep scrolling to shop our favourite pieces from the new collection now. 

Dua Lipa x Versace, model walking runway in Cannes

(Image credit: Carlijn Jacobs)

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